Being a Small Escapist is not evading reality
is to realize that there are simple ways
to get out of the day-to-day basis
and know that all experience is unrepeatable
no matter how small they are

It’s knowing that it’s better to see friends in person
than on a screen

That food tastes better when it's made
with time and with passion

That coffee has a better aroma when
there’s someone to share it with

And that music sounds better
when we all sing

Because the world is already very big
because it goes too fast
because everything already exists

In Sabio Infante being a Small Escapist
is to value emotions, passions,
experiences and discoveries
no matter how small they are


The house and the moment of escape of all and for all. We bet you to celebrate moments and create small memories that are lived big. Reserve your space for small celebrations.

Drop us a line HERE and we'll take care of the rest.


We believe in the origin, the craftsmanship and the respectful production.
Enjoying a good specialty coffee are important links in the chain, from the search for grains to the art and magic of the barista.

In Sabio Infante we make sure to work with toasters that offer a coffee chosen in farms of origin, recognition by hand, taking into account its temporality and always transport and toasting in its proper measure.

We have an important detail, a small sip of coffee.

Because of its aroma, flavor and variety of nuances it's very easy to fall in love and understand the specialty coffee, and will always be the great consent of coffee lovers and of course, our little escapist.



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21 OCT

Concierto de Kuma en directo
22:30 Hrs
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28 OCT

Música en vivo - Kitchudub
22:00 Hrs
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04 NOV

Live Music - Mar&Irene
22:30 Hrs
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18 NOV

Concierto en directo Mauri & Luischi
22:30 Hrs
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